Tube Settler

Traditional sedimentation tanks or clarifiers are large structures occupying much valuable space on site and are perceived as high investment cost items, Attacking the very crux of this problem, is a PVC tube settler which offers enhanced capacity for settling suspended solids in a fractional area by employing Sludge Blanket method. Using Munters technology, we provide the most economical way of improving clarifier performance in a variety of municipal, industrial and wastewater applications. Tube settler can be installed within settling tanks, both existing and new.

Tube settler settling media helps reduce the amount of suspended solids in carrier fluids thus improving effluent quality significantly, which in-turn improves the efficiency of existing plants. Moreover, with Tube settler, new clarification tanks can be designed smaller and yet maintain the same performance level, at far less cost. The use of Tube settler leads to the formation of large settling areas and small sink paths.

Advantages of Tube Settler

Clarifiers/basins equipped with tube settlers can operate at 2 to 4 times the normal rate of clarifiers/basins without tube settlers.
It is possible to cut coagulant dosage by up to half while maintaining a lower influent turbidity to the treatment plant filters.
Less filter backwashing equates to significant operating cost savings for both water and electricity.
New installations using tube settlers can be designed smaller because of increased flow capability.
Flow of existing water treatment plants can be increased through the addition of tube settlers.
Tube settlers increase allowable flow capacity by expanding settling capacity and increasing the solids removal rate in settling tanks.
When fitting Tube settler to an existing clarifier, the suspended solids concentration in the effluent is greatly reduced. The improved settling environment means that the flow can be increased significantly while still achieving excellent results.
In a new clarifier design, the use of Tube settler can reduce the cross sectional area of the tank substantially, hence reducing civil costs and minimizing space requirements, while still maintaining a high quality effluent.
The controlled flow pattern in Tube Settler provides the best settling conditions. This also dampens the eddy currents and turbulences leading to the basin, thus approaching an ideal situation.
Installation is fast and easy. The tubes are supplied as profiles in nested form, to save on transportation cost. These are easily installed at site with the tongue and groove arrangement which is an integral part of the package.
Tube settler profiles can be assembled to fit into any size or shape of settling tanks, whether square, rectangular or circular, without any difficulty.


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