Plant Management Services

Each Water / Wastewater is different. Diverse Expertise and Customised Solutions are required for efficient Management. Water and wastewater treatment plants are no longer traditional plants, but have become more complex now.

  • Monitoring basic Parameters like just Ph,TDS, TSS is not sufficient.
  • New technologies have emerged,
  • Raw water is more difficult to treat,
  • The treatment requires more Innovative solutions,
  • There is an increasing demand for services,
  • Diminishing Resources,
  • Rising Service expectations of customers and
  • Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

The Partnership approach of us means complete transfer of responsibility of water related issues to us so that customer can focus on their core activities. Your benefits are:

  • Customised  solutions
  • Optimum operational management
  • Guaranteed and Complete compliance of legal requirements
  • Optimum water quality
  • Low operating costs
  • Continuous plant status analyses
  • Introduction of modern management and monitoring tools for operational plant management

The Service & Solutions Offerings from us are as under:

  • Annual Service Contracts –This helps for better Uptime and lower Downtime of Equipment
  • Comprehensive Service Contracts – Service alongwith Spares & Chemicals This helps for better Uptime and lower Downtime of Equipment apart from Inventory Management of Spares & Chemicals. This reduces the Cost of Operation
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Retrofit and Rehabilitation

Operation and Maintenance

We offer Best people, technologies and solutions at your facilities so that you can optimize profit and deliver the best products to your customers. Our technicians function as trusted members of your team, helping you make the most of your assets, resources and staff. Offerings include:

  • Supervisory,
  • Operation, Operation and Maintenance,
  • Operation and Maintenance along with spares,
  • Operation and Maintenance along with Spares & Chemicals
  • Performance Based Operation & Maintenance – Rs/cum

Consultancy Services

  • Audit of the Plant : Cooling Water Systems, Boiler Water Systems, Influent Water, Effluent Treatment, Water Reuse etc
  • Water Source Analysis and Selection
  • Technical Assistance in obtaining permits
  • Development of Operational Guidelines
  • ON/OFF Site Training( Custom or Generic)
  • Long Term Monitoring Studies
  • Management Reports
  • Custom site Laboratory development
  • Periodic visits, Log Review, Site Training, Phone consultation

Retrofit and rehabilitation services

During the Life time of a Plant, Efficiency tends to decrease.  Our Retrofit and rehabilitation services will help you to restore equipment’s operating efficiency and extending its useful operating life without the capital expense of purchasing new equipment by incorporating new technologies available in the field. This will help you to

  • Minimize downtime
  • Improve safety
  • Achieve consistent water quantity and quality
  • Reduce maintenance, Spare parts and Manpower
  • Reduce utility and chemical consumption costs

The Operation & Maintenance Services Offers You The Following Benefits:

  • O & M Staff With Complete & Thorough Technical Knowledge Of The Equipment & Processes Involved.
  • Ensuring Smooth Operation Of The System With Minimal Downtime Ever Possible.
  • Preventive Maintenance & Premptive Operation Steps Well In Time To Avoid Sudden Stoppage & Breakdown.
  • Consistent Focus On System Deliverables In Terms Of Quality & Quantity Parameters.
  • Consistent Focus On Chemical, Power & Spares Consumption Costs Thus Keeping It The Lowest Possible.
  • O & M Staff With 24 Hours Access To The Technical Expertize At Head Office.
  • Well-Tuned Data Logging System For Proper Record Keeping.
    Access To Various Suppliers For Quick Troubleshooting If Required.
  • Rich Experience Of Operation & Maintenance Of Several Complex Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Benefits of Performance based O&M to You

No surprise expenses - fixed billing
Single point accountability - one source for parts and service, procurement efficiencies
Ongoing system optimization - preventative, regular service visits and specialized service, cleanings, repairs, etc.
Single point for warranty issues
Extended equipment warranty option