Sewage Treatment Plant

We provide a complete range of solutions for sewage treatment, including sanitation technologies, sludge treatment technologies, and the recovery of reusable materials from wastewater. The Plants are designed to treat as per Customer’s specific requirements, based on MBBR, SBR, SBBR and MBR Technologies. We also supply Modular, Containerised and Standard Sewage Treatment Plant. With the complete sewage treatment process in a single modular package, these plants are ideal for local, small-scale or temporary sewage treatment requirements, with treatment capacity from 10 to 75 m3/day. Our STPs incorporates  revolutionary Sequencing Batch Bio Film Reactors (SBBR), a simple but extremely versatile technology that is simple to operate and requires minimal maintenance

Sewage is created by residences, institutions, hospitals and commercial and industrial establishments. Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater. It includes physical, chemical and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. The sewage treatment involves three stages, called primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment. First, the solids are separated from the wastewater stream. Then, dissolved biological matter is progressively converted into a solid mass by using indigenous, water-borne micro-organisms. Finally, the biological solids are neutralized, then disposed of or re-used, and the treated water may be disinfected chemically or physically The final effluent can be discharged into a stream, River, bay, laggon or wetland. It can also be used for irrigation, Ground Water Recharge, Toilet Flushing, Cooling Water Make up incase of an Industrial establishment

Segments We Serve

Domestic - Apartments, Commercial Buildings, Institutions
Industrial - Domestic Sewage , Canteen Effluent

Technologies We Offer

Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBR)
Moving Bed Bio Reactors (MBBR)
Membrane Bio Reactors (MBR)
Sequencing Batch Bio Reactors (SBBR)