Standard Plants

Our Packaged treatment plants offer the Customer a pre-engineered and pre-fabricated method of treating Water and Wastewater. The package plants will be sized specifically for the customer’s application.  They can be designed to handle a variety of influent flow rates and BOD load (incase of ETP/STP) to meet discharge requirements. The Treated Water / Waste Water will meet all the targeted Parameters. The compact construction allows the installation in parallel of two or more units, allowing to treat a huge volume of raw wastewater

Both the skid mounted and containerised units and are assembled and tested at our facility before being delivered with no need for on-site system assembly, pipe work, electrical wiring or mounting of components. All the materials are selected to guarantee the longest lifetime of the package and to minimize the routine maintenance. Our flexibility allows us to “customize” our standard products to fit any particular request from our clients in terms of accessories, components and quality of produced water.

The plant can be designed Semi Automatic or fully automatic to ease the operation of Customer as per their specific needs. The automation level of each plant minimize the end user’s operation during the normal service time, while the selection of materials and components is done to maximize the plant lifetime.

Design of each Reverse Osmosis Plant is optimised for high Recovery, thus optimising the plant performance in terms of production rate. Each Reverse Osmosis plant is equipped with CPI (Clean In Place) system for periodical membrane cleaning, with dosing systems for acid and antiscale injection

Brackish water Reverse Osmosis Plants can be also used as Pre Treatment to Electro Deionisation to produce ultrapure water. EDI will be seamlessly assembled to RO to produce high pure water



  • Clarification – Tube Settler
  • Filters – PSF. DMF, ACF, IRF
  • UF / NF / RO  Plants
  • Softeners
  • DM Plants
  • STP Plants – SBR / MBBR / MBR
  • ETP
  • Chlorination / Disinfection
  • Oil / Water Separation – OWS
  • Tertiary Treatment
  • Pure Water Plants


  • Apartments / Land Development  / housing
  • Small and medium sized communities and cities
  • Recreational areas such as parks, campgrounds, marinas
  • Industries such as Textile, Automobile, Power plants
  • Schools and other educational campuses
  • Pure Water for Chemical Industry


  • Pre-engineered, pre-fabricated structures result in lower cost
  • Unit is easily transported to the customer’s project site
  • Design allows for quick turnaround time for delivery and installation
  • Treatment System is simple to operate and requires low manpower
  • User friendly – low and easy maintenance
  • Regulatory compliant
  • Custom design / application specific systems
  • Long service life